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What We Do


Teleprompter Services

What words describe our Teleprompter Services?

Professional... Friendly... Experienced.

And if the techology matters to you...

our systems output HDMI and SDI signals.

Lights... Camera... Magic!

Production magic happen when experience and innovated master craftsmen join forces with cutting edge cinematic tools to create visual works of art.

We make production magic for our clients.

We also work smart so we can stay on schedule...

and manage logistics to keep on budget.


Motion Accessories

A Simple Truth: 

Motion shots are more compelling than static.

Up your game and engage your audience with tools from our motion playground:





Jibs / Dollies

Telling Your Story

A Powerful Fact: Storytelling works.

A well told story has the power to strike a chord... stick in our minds... and inspire.

We listen.  Then craft a story that brings your message to life.


The Art of Assembly

The cutting room floor may be a little less messy these days but an eye for the perfect edit abides.

The artistry of assembly is a combination of technique and storyteller... picture, sound, and visual effects coming together to market your idea or call-to-action.

Crewing Made Simple

It's not enough to know who does what well...

It's also knowing who works well with who.

We put together experienced teams that are perfect for any size project.

Professionals that behave... well, like professionals and leave the drama to the big screen.

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Who Are These Guys?


Flash Back...

We are rooted in on-site production, it's our first love.
Starting with camera packages and teleprompter services, we hit the ground running and never looked back.



When clients ask, "can you...?" we always answer, "yes" to the opportunity.  And that attitude has turned us into a full service production company.

Our success comes from building on past experiences and adapting quickly... we change with the industry, not behind it.

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Oak Brook IL 60523


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